Gallipoli is an indie/alternative duo based in Los Angeles. Consisting of Aman Sheriff and Lucas McCone, the duo bring their multicultural background to the forefront of their music, with their roots spreading across India, Turkey, New Zealand, Belgium and Dubai. As an homage to their family history, the duo are named after the famous WW1 ‘Battle of Gallipoli’. 


Their debut EP, On Vondo, was written during the 2020 lockdown, where the two lived in North Macedonia for six months. Mixed by Peter Katis (The National), On Vondo received its title from the name of the mountain they lived on during this time. Inspired by a variety of different experiences, thoughts and concepts, the release includes tracks such as “Blurry Mess” which talks about an aspect of a relationship that isn’t normally talked about in music. The lyrics illustrate a couple who are out of sync and the doubts that come with it. “Poets” is a song about generation and war and was written about Wilfred Owens’ ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ poem about WW1.


Gallipoli composed On Vondo with the desire to create a movie-like feel to their sound. Reminiscent of Bon Iver, La Femma and Sigur Ros, the EP emits a wintery and isolated atmosphere, emphasizing the “music for film” approach. Soft, echoing melodies lay the foundations to their laid-back, hypnotic tones, as velvet vocals shimmer delicately throughout. 


Gallipoli have performed numerous shows across Los Angeles including Hotel Cafe and Sofar Sounds. With their music almost reaching one million streams on Spotify, as well as placements on editorial Spotify playlists such as Folk & Friends, the duo are set for an exciting 2022.